• Stainless Steel, Durable
  • There is a display date on the lid, and the coffee freshness time is adjusted. It reminds you how long it takes for the coffee beans to open after being opened.
  • Vent design. A one-way exhaust valve is installed above the sealed tank to solve the problem that the sealed tank cannot be exhausted in one direction, and the problem of long-term preservation and drinking of coffee beans is also solved.
  • The seal is tight. The use of environmentally friendly plastic lid with silicone seals, non-toxic, environmental health, in addition to other parts of the breathless ventilation
  • Tank mouth reinforcement. The tank mouth reinforced with steel rings, feel comfortable, durable, strong and drop-resistant
  • Double-side reinforced stainless steel buckle, stable sealing performance, strong loop buckle, better sealing performance
  • The inner wall is brushed, it is not easy to scratch the inside of the object and the surface is smooth